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The Void Armor can be found in the campaign Heir to the Throne, in the scenario 19B, "Swamp of Dread". Due to a previous choice for the path, it cannot be combined with the Flaming Sword.

It is a beautiful chest plate crafted from shimmering black steel. The Void Armor is virtually impenetrable to physical weapons! But only a powerful warrior may don this armor.

The Void Armor grants the following resistances :


  • The Death Knight explodes into a cloud of dust as it is eradicated. Its armor, however, drops to the ground and remains intact. The heavy black steel is polished to a mirror shine.
  • "Its owner was surely a famous warrior in life. I wonder who it was. That plate must have a powerful enchantment to have resisted centuries of decay. Choose wisely who will bear it." ~Delfador~
  • You struggle to lift and don the heavy plate. Once worn, however, it is amazingly comfortable. You have increased resistance to all physical damage !

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