First off, I would like to thank Kata89 for the promotion to admin yesterday! It is going to make editing the Wikia a lot easier and a lot faster!

Secondly, now that I have these admin tools, I would like to say... Wow.

There's a lot of work to be done!

The Wikia is at a great start, having a very firm foundation. But where are the builders? We need active workers on the site to ensure that this project lives up to not only our standards, but to the outside audience's as well. Now, I always understand that people are busy (they do have lives and all), but is an edit a day, or even one per week too much to ask from our seasoned contractors? No, I think not. So, then, I ask of you, Wesnoth-Wikia founders and builders, to please pitch-in whenever possible - even if to just correct a 'teh' to 'the'.

Thank you all for the time you took reading and responding to this blog post.

Happy Editing! MethodicMockingbird (talk) 14:05, August 15, 2012 (UTC)