Vital statistics
Title Mermaid Diviner
Gender Female
Race Merfolk
Campaign Dead Water

Tyegëa is a loyal and dextrous Mermaid Diviner.

Tyegëa is Cylanna's old instructor. Tyegëa teaches and lives on an small island north of Jotha, west of Bilheld (over ocean to the west-southwest of Tirigaz). She and her priestesses are powerful, according to Cylanna. But Tyegëa is not willing to leave her island, and is a bit unpredictable.

Tyegëa is Kai Krellis's grandmother, but he didn't know. Tyegëa never agreed that secrecy was necessary, but she respected Maudin's wishes in the matter. Once Indress and Maudin are dead, Tyegëa wants the boy to know the truth. When Kai Krellis's grandfather married Indress, he did not know that Tyegëa had already born him a son. When she delivered Kai Krellis's father to Jotha, his grandmother Indress agreed to keep it secret and raise the infant as her own. That was quite a scandal, but Tyegëa thought she was not cut out to be a mother.

But Tyegëa find it disturbing that a Kai — and her descendant — would run begging for help. So he has to prove that her blood flows in his veins, that he his courageous, and worthy of her help. So she asks him to complete a task : bring her back Agnovon's Flaming Sword. As an help, Tyegëa spares some holy water for one of Kai Krellis soldiers.

As Kai Krellis did it, Tyegëa travel with him to his home and help him rid it of restless spirits. Her priestesses will come as well, and will be at his disposal. She brings along a little gold (55 to 100 gold) too. And from now on, Kai Krellis can recruit mermaid priestesses.

Then Tyegëa appears to be even more powerful, though as unpredictable as Cylanna had said. Tyegëa finds satisfying to rain holy fire down on misbehaving spirits. On their way, Tyegëa appears to be wise enough to recognize ankh necklace, providing resistance to arcane damage.

When the war ends, Tyegëa returned to her home, but continued to keep in touch with her grandson. Most of her priestesses went with her, but a few of them stayed in Jotha, enriching the culture of the city.

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