Vital statistics
Title Elvish Rider
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Rebel
Campaign Heir to the Throne

Telerandor is a dextrous and loyal Elvish Rider.

He appears in the campaign Heir to the Throne, in the scenario Home of the North Elves.

According to Kalenz, Telerandor is a herald of Lintanir. When his lord learned of their coming, he sent riders out (including Telerandor) looking for Kalenz, Konrad, Delfador and Li'sar.

He warned them a great host of the men of Wesnoth have sighted to the south, probably looking for them. In the same time, a great host of orcs is about to oppose them. While a great battle is certain, Lintanir should be a safe place for our heroes.

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