Vital statistics
Title Merman Brawler
Gender Male
Race Merfolk
Campaign Dead Water

Teelöa is a loyal and resilient merman brawler.

Teelöa has been a slave to saurians (as the drake Keshan) for almost two years. When he saw Kai Krellis and Cylanna coming up the coast in strength, he fled. Saurians Slavers follow in his wake, and without protection they will surely kill him.

If still alive, Teelöa is then always recalled at the beginning of each scenario.

Teelöa hates bats.

After the end of the campaign, Teelöa returned to his home where he had been captured by the saurians. He was delighted to find that many of his family members had also returned. He visited Jotha frequently, and remained friends with all the other veterans.


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