The Staff of Lighting, or better known as "Delfador's Staff", is a magical staff that can be found in the campaign Delfador's Memoirs, in the 9th scenario, Houses of the Undead.

It's a wizard’s staff of power. This allows the bearer to summon powerful lightning bolts which strike their enemies, even at close range.

Only a powerful mage can wield this.

The Staff of Lightning is entombed with its last owner, Delfador, in Eregonor. These are its effects :

  • Increase melee attack damage by 4.
  • Prevent missile attacks.
  • Prevent fireball attacks.
  • Add a new 16-4 fire attack (ranged).


I am the will of An-Usrukhar, greatest of mages, he who bestrode Irdya in the morning of time, who sleeps now in a death beyond death until the unmaking of the world. [...] An-Usrukhar the Great, he of whom I am but the tiniest shade and fragment, foresaw in the Mirror of Evanescent Time that a living man would come here to be tested. AND I AM THE TEST! [...] Take up, O servant of light, the Staff of An-Usrukhar. The trials before you will be great. So is its power. ~An-Usrukhar's tomb Guardian's~

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