Sister Thera
Sister Thera
Vital statistics
Title White Mage
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Rebel
Campaign Northern Rebirth

Sister Thera is Father Morvin's wife. They were advisers and healers for the Dwarvish nobles of Knalga. They could not save them from Khazg Black-Tusk's troops, but they survived the Orcs and Trolls only to be captured when Malifor's skeletons appeared.

Malifor wanted to study them to see if there was a way to counteract their arcane attacks. Tallin freed them, so they join him. Sister Thera then heals Elenia.

Sister Thera is often overacting, in a very unclerical way. She also often uses coarse language, unladylike.

Sister Thera and Father Morvin can't die. Instead they teleport next to the other, with no hitpoints and no experience. They seem to be the only ones who can kill Malifor. They also let Abhai get out of his body and finally rest in peace.

Sister Thera and Father Morvin will mary Tallin and Eryssa.


  • I can't wait to get my hands on that bastard !

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