Saurian skirmisher

Saurian Skirmisher

A Saurian Skirmisher is a level 1 Saurian unit. It advances to a Saurian Ambusher.


HP: 26
Level: 1
Cost: 15
Movement: 6
XP: 32
Alignment: chaotic
Abilities: skirmisher


Saurians are very small of frame, and though they are somewhat frail because of this, they are very agile. In combat, their size allows them to dart past defenses that would hold any grown man at bay, making them a tricky foe to deal with.

Spears are their preferred weapon, as their powerful hind legs can drive a spear with enough force to do considerable damage, either in hand or thrown.

Special Notes: This unit's skill at skirmishing allows it to ignore enemies' zones of control and thus move unhindered around them.


Spear (melee) 4 - 4 (pierce)
Spear (ranged) 4 - 2 (pierce)


Attack Type Resistance
Arcane 20%
Blade -10%
Cold -20%
Fire -20%
Impact -10%
Pierce 20%

Terrain ModifiersEdit

Terrain Defense Movement Cost
Frozen 30% 4
Castle 60% 1
Sand 60% 1
Village 50% 1
Flat 40% 1
Hills 60% 1
Mountains 60% 2
Unwalkable 0% -
Swamp 60% 1
Cave 60% 1
Deep Water 0% -
Shallow Water 40% 3
Coastal Reef 40% 2
Impassable 0% -
Forest 60% 2
Mushroom Grove 60% 1

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