Staff Rod Of Justice
The Rod Of Justice is a magical staff that can be found in the campaign Northern Rebirth, in the fifth scenario, "The Pursuit". It is in "The Great Chamber", at the end of the left side corridor (x,y=3,7).

This uberpowerfull artifact can be picked up by any unit, with exception of the wraith Abhai.

These are its effects:

  • Add a new 16-4 fire attack (ranged).
  • Increase the movement by 2.
  • If the unit has melee attacks, increase the damage of all of them by 2.
  • Give the unit additional 10 HP (HitPoints) and heal it.
  • Reduce the amount of experience required for next level by 20%


  • This is a magical staff of tremendous power and unknown origin. Although the full extent of its power has not been fathomed, there are a few features about it that will be obvious to any master of lore. The wielder of this staff gains a dramatic increase in strength, speed and intelligence, and is granted the ability to fire devastating lightning bolts at his opponents. Only a person who is good at heart and who is willing to sacrifice his life on the path of justice can wield this staff.
  • "I don't think there is a person alive who knows anything more solid than rumors and legends. There are very few people who even knows it exists! [...] Some of the most ancient elvish legends make some vague mention of this artifact. But beyond that..." ~Camerin~
  • "The Rod Of Justice! What in the world is it doing all the way down here? [...] This is the Great Rod Of Justice, my boy. It was an ancient artifact even when I was young. They say it was crafted by the Great Gods themselves, and given to the first true Ruler of Men to ensure peace, harmony and above all — justice. For hundreds of years it did just that, for during the time it was wielded by men, the ruling class never became corrupt, the people never lacked justice and neither evil nor wars troubled the land. [...] Come Tallin, either you or one of your trusted men must wield this staff and bring peace and justice back into this world. [...] I am a creature of the past, and thus my time to wield it is long gone. This is your era, Tallin, and thus it is your responsibility to see to it that your people receive peace, prosperity and justice. Quickly, come forth or send one of your men for time is waning." ~Abhai~

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