Ro Sothian
Vital statistics
Title Ancient Lich
Gender Male
Race Undead
Faction Undead
Campaign Northern Rebirth

Ro'Sothian was a Great Mage that refused to die and reincarnated as an Ancient Lich instead. He and his brother Ro'Arthian are powerful liches that have the ability to control gryphons, ogres and trolls. Although he and and his brother are good at heart they have no qualms about using dark and evil means to achieve their ends.

They used to be in contact with Father Morvin.

They are in conflict with dwarf, Stalrag.

Ro'Sothian and Ro'Arthian are defeated by Tallin. Then they ally with him, giving gryphons. They are recalled at the beginning of each following scenario. If one of them dies, the player looses.

The characters Ro'Arthian, Ro'sothian, and Stalrag first appeared in the Heir to the Throne scenario Mountain Pass, which took place before The Dwarven Doors. Konrad and his army encounter Stalrag and his shinsplitters clan feuding with the mage brothers Ro'Arthian and Ro'Sothian, and help the dwarves. This scenario was later cut from the campaign, but Northern Rebirth again featured the brothers carrying on a feud with Stalrag's dwarves over a mountain passage, this time as undead liches.


  • Ro'Arthian and Ro'Sothian, you two have also been of staunch allies. As per our agreement, you may return to Highbrook Pass, and I will see to it that guards are posted at both ends barring any who seek to enter without your leave, on pain of death. ~Tallin~
  • Thank you, Tallin. Our old bones are weary of being animated long past their time. Now we will finally be able to rest in peace. However, as we have fought hard for this respite, we shall not allow our effort go to waste. When the Northlands are in direst need of us, we shall rise once again. ~Ro'Arthian~
  • Stalrag, for years now we have fought each other, but recent events have made us allies. I go now to eternal sleep; may we part as friends. ~Ro'Arthian~
  • May your rest be peaceful and undisturbed, Ro'Arthian. ~Stalrag~

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