Human Thief Potrait
Vital statistics
Title Rogue
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rebel
Campaign Heir to the Throne

Reglok is an intelligent and loyal rogue, appearing with his men during the 4th move of the scenario: The Siege of Elensefar in the campaign Heir to the Throne. Reglok claims to be from a society called Elensefar Thieves' Guild, and seems to be the guild's leader. With Reglok are two other members of the guild, Gelgar and Gamlel, his right and left-hand men.

He pledges alliance to Konrad during the scenario of The Siege of Elensefar, assisting him in recapturing the city of Elensefar. Once Konrad gives him the signal to either enter the city or capture any village within Elensefar, Reglok, and his men (Gelgar, Gamlel, and Darglen) will arrive and provide assistance for Konrad.

If he's still alive, Reglok appears again in the scenario named Home of the North Elves. He is one of the 6 starting loyal units to compensate for the loss of recruiting (with Delfador, Kalenz, Li'sar, Haldiel, Delurin and Niodien).


  • Greetings, friend. We are from the Elensefar Thieves' Guild. We would like to help you against the orcs !
  • We will serve you well, for we respect the help you are providing to our city. You shall find that there is honor, even among thieves.
  • Let's expel these invaders ! Today, the city is ours again !