Vital statistics
Title Red Mage
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction Loyalists
Campaign The Hammer of Thursagan

Ratheln is a sarcastic Mage and teacher of Magic. He is a scholar but a very tough and experienced one — not someone to cross lightly. He is good at heart but gruff and a bit irascible. [1]

Ratheln appears in The Hammer of Thursagan campaign, in the 6th scenario, called High Pass. Angarthing has a clue when he sees something glowing inside a hut near the top of the pass.

Ratheln was on his way to Master Perrin's School of Mages, near the east end of the pass, as an instructor. Because of Gryphons surrounding him, Ratheln can't escape from that hut and can only eat flash-roasted gryphon for three weeks.

When found by Angarthing and Aiglondur, Ratheln asks them to take him with them, as he is near freezing and starving to death up in that hut. They do.

Then, if the difficulty is not "hard", or if Master Perrin is not dead, Ratheln considers as a duty to aid Angarthing and Aiglondur, and follow them.


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