Elvish Archer
Vital statistics
Title Elvish Archer
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Rebels
Campaign Heir to the Throne

Niodien is an Elvish Archer who is hiding within the forest at Crossroad. He and Loflar come to Konrad and warn him about the danger within the mountains/hills.

Niodien has the Loyal and Intelligent traits, and will be a useful unit to Konrad during this and future scenarios.

If he's still alive, Niodien appears again in the scenario named Home of the North Elves. He is one of the 6 starting loyal units to compensate for the loss of recruiting (with Delfador, Kalenz, Li'sar, Haldiel, Delurin and Reglok).


  • Stay on the path ! The hills here are not safe !