Naga Fighter


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An Naga Fighter is a level 1 Naga unit. It can advance to a Naga Warrior. A Naga is a fierce unit in any water-based terrain.


The serpentine Naga are one of the few races capable of any meaningful mobility in water, giving them mastery of a whole world effectively forbidden to land dwellers. Still, they are not true creatures of the sea, and their inability to breathe water leaves them in trepidation of the abyss. They are small, and somewhat frail in form, but often much more nimble than their opponents.


HP Moves Cost Alignment Required XP
33 7 14 Neutral 32


Name Type Strikes Range Special
sword blade 4-4 melee -


Attack Type Resistance
Arcane 0%
Blade 0%
Cold 0%
Fire 0%
Impact 0%
Pierce 0%

Terrain ModifiersEdit

Terrain Defense Movement Cost
Frozen 20% 2
Castle 50% 2
Sand 40% 1
Flat 30% 2
Hills 40% 3
Mountains 40% 5
Unwalkable 0% -
Swamp 60% 1
Cave 40% 2
Village 40% 1
Deep Water 50% 1
Shallow Water 60% 1
Coastal Reef 70% 2
Impassable 0% -
Forest 40% 3
Mushroom Grove 40% 2

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