Vital statistics
Title Peasant or Spearman or Pikeman
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Loyalists
Campaign The South Guard

Moreth is a loyal and resilient Peasant (HARD) or Spearman (MEDIUM) or Pikeman (EASY).

Sir Gerrick and him were the last of the South Guard, due to the bandits who have been ransacking the towns and killing the villagers.

Moreth told Deoran he should head to the river fort, because Sir Gerrick would want to know that reinforcements have arrived.


  • You'll never take this village ! I've seen your kind kill too many townsmen, and I'll defend them to the death !
  • Since I was a boy, Gerrick was my leader, and there was no one braver. Today we shall defend our homes, and avenge him !

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