Human Mage white Potrait
Vital statistics
Title White Mage
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rebels
Campaign Heir to the Throne

Moremirmu is a loyal White Mage residing in the Isle of the Damned who deligated himself to destroyed all the Undead, he being found by Konrad in one of the temple in the Island and he joint Konrad due to having the same objective i.e. killing the Undead on the Isle of the Damned.

Moremirmu has a holy sword (arcane damage, increased by 1, and number of attacks increased by 2) which makes him especially deadly against undead, and is such a big help to Konrad as he is the only magic user good against ghosts and stuff in the scenario of Isle of the Damned unless you have a merman priestess. Able to destroyed most of the Undead, more effective then the newly recruits units (units recruits restriction in the scenario).

Moremirmu will permanently joint Konrad if Konrad able to killed all the Undead leader within the given time, if only 1 of the Undead leader being killed, he will not follow Konrad on his quest, but deeply indebt to Konrad and will returned a favour to Konrad in the future scenario i.e. Valley of the Death assisting Konrad with few more White Mage to fight the Undead but later he and his fellow White Mage will keep on their journey to destroy the Undead without joining Konrad.

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  • I was hiding in this holy place, planning how to defeat the evil undead. Now with your help, I can destroy them. If we eradicate the undead blight on these islands, I will surely go with you. Otherwise, I plan to finish my task here before moving on.
  • There can be no surrender to these foul beasts of the pit ! We fight until victory, or until every one of us is slain !