Minister Edren
Vital statistics
Title White Mage
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Loyalists
Campaign The Rise of Wesnoth

Minister Edren is a White Mage, battling the dark forces. So, he is not too passive. He's a minor character and basically all his dialogue is in the vein of "No you won't, you soldier of darkness !", so a little bit more restrained anger or some other kind of tension would be good for him. He has a psychorigid vibe which is a nice change from the usual wise-and-holy look of priests. After all he's more country priest than archbishop.

Minister Edren could be the first to have established a School of Mages on Wesnoth.


  • May the Lords of Light protect us all.
  • Back you vile--- Oh, sorry I thought you were undead. When are those goofs in Clearwater Port going to clear the swamp again ?
  • May Commander Aethyr have a peaceful journey into the next world, where he has been preceded by his wife and loving daughters. For his heroism in the face of adversity a place of glory is assured to him in the Halls of Light...
  • We have lost much in the last few months, but we should not lose all of our knowledge. I will go forth amongst the people and spread wisdom, and see about establishing a new order of Magi in this new land.

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