Vital statistics
Title Ancient Lich
Gender Male
Race Undead
Faction Undead
Campaign Northern Rebirth

Malifor is a powerful ancient lich with more delusions of grandeur. He wields vast power over any creature that has died and has been resurrecting the long dead defenders of Knalga to carve out an underground empire for himself.

Malifor wrenched Abhai from his peace and forced him into an ectoplasmic body, but failed to break Abhai's spirit into mindless slavery.

Malifor captured and held prisoner Elenia for many years.

According to her words, Malifor has long been a scourge to Eryssa's people.

Malifor's squeletons captured Father Morvin and his wife Sister Thera, in order to study them and see if there was a way to counteract their arcane attacks. Afterwards that was a good idea as Father Morvin and Sister Thera seem to be the only ones who can kill Malifor. Otherwise, instead of dying, Malifor just teleports with no harm. But they finally kill him.

Malifor have been watching Tallin for a long time. Tallin would be a perfect candidate to become one of his immortal generals. Malifor failed to "convert" him.


  • I am Malifor the Great, the master of death ! These tunnels, haunted by the ghosts of the dead dwarves of Knalga, are the domain of my power.
  • Soon I will finish the slaughter that the orcs have begun so promisingly, and Knalga will be all mine ! From there I will sweep the whole north of all living creatures, and then swoop down upon Wesnoth !

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