Dwarvish RunemasterElvish ShamanDark AdeptMageSaurian augurMermaid initiate


Magic is the art of achieving arcane feats in the field of light, elemental, and darkness. Additionally, there are many magical artifacts throughout the game that allows normal units to gain arcane abilities.

Elves are most in-tune with their magical abilities, and such abilities enable them great accuracy with the bow, high level of achievements with their other feats, and their simple longevity. Although humans are not imbued with magic at birth, many can learn the arcane art and perform magic. The art of runesmithing (magic to dwarves) has been lost to the dwarves for many centuries. It was re-discovered by the Knalgan dwarves in 550 YW.

With all their knowledge, and their unassuming monopoly thereof, the collective community of magi could likely rule society, were they ever to try. However, their true love is neither money, nor power, and those who see the study of magic as a means to such ends often lack the very conviction required for true mastery.

Dark magic is almost exclusively human, because other races largely avoid it. Because of this, there are no elvish, dwarvish, or orcish necromancers.