Lord Logalmier
Lord Logalmier
Vital statistics
Title Elvish Champion
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Rebels
Campaign The Rise Of Wesnoth

Lord Logalmier is the local elvish warlord. He is mostly guided by prejudices and survivalist instincts, which don't take much more than a grouchy "the elves are for the elves" answer to all situations. He appears in the campaign The Rise Of Wesnoth, from the scenario Elf Lords (The Ka'lian)[1].

Lord Logalmier is one of the four Elvish Lords (with Lady Dionli, Aryad, and El'Isomithir) Prince Haldric asks for help and land. Lord Logalmier decrees that Prince Haldric should be made to fight the Fire Dragon of the Green Swamp and its saurian minions.


  • Man of the west-north, you have earned your place on this great continent. [...] We hereby grant you the plains to the north of the Great River, and the plains and hills to the south of the Great River. Be kind to the land. In a time of need we may call upon you, remember our generosity.
  • We are the people of the forest, you know that all words spoken to these un-people are of secondary importance to our own needs.


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