Vital statistics
Title Silver Mage
Gender Female
Race Humans
Faction Loyalists
Campaign An Orcish Incursion

Linaera is a loyal Silver Mage and probably a teacher of Magic, living in her tower somewhere in the North, with her students. Her tower has no bridge or other means of access, but it's not a problem for Linaera as she is a Silver Mage, so she can teleport.

When Erlornas gets Linaera, she was besieged by Orcs for weeks. After Krughnar died, Linaera and her students help Erlornas to defeat the Lich Keremal.

Linaera then quit Erlornas, but some of her apprentices chose to stay with him.


  • The evil spirits who have settled in this wetland have turned it into a vile bog. My apprentices and I have the power to dispel them.

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