Legend of the Invincibles

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Legend of the Invincibles is a huge user-made campaign by Dugi. The campaign is separated in two parts, both divided in five chapters, and totalizes exactly 200 scenarios.


The story takes place before and after "The Fall", the event that leads to the collapse of Wesnoth and sets the stage for the vanilla campaign "Under the Burning Suns". The main character being played is Efraim de Ceise, a former young nobleman, and his lover, Lethalia, a powerfull elvish sorceress. Both brought in endless fights against evil, they will lose their lives to become lichs in order to survive, altough they managed to preserve the sight of their humanity.


Many non-vanilla features are included, greatly altering the gameplay, such as : Equipment dropped by ennemies which you can equip your units with and also craft from dropped gems; a lot of additional attack specials and abilities; bonus level for promoted units (most of vanilla units can't pass level 3) with more epic animated pics; improved stats and new attacks avaible at each advancement taken at highest level; legacy system that add a random branch the skill-tree of each characters; and soul eater system for main characters, particularly extending their number of skills.

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