Lady Dionli
Lady Dionli
Vital statistics
Title Elvish Shyde
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Rebels
Campaign The Rise of Wesnoth, Legend Of Wesmere

Lady Dionli seems to be the highest ranking one of the Elf lords, and seems pretty well rooted in reality instead of being one of those elves who just daydream of faerie stuff and talk like a poet all the time. She is more like the underling that is trying to get things done in the absence of wise or strong leadership. She actively seeks cooperation and discussion between the different races, but can still be sat on by the rest of the lords, led by Lord Logalmier, in breaking the pact.

Lady Dionli appears in the campaign The Rise of Wesnoth, from the 15th scenario A New Land.

Lady Dionli is one of the four Elvish Lords (with Lord Logalmier, Aryad, and El'Isomithir) Prince Haldric asks for help and land. Lady Dionli decrees that Prince Haldric should put a stop to a group of Saurians trading metal with Nagas.

Like El'Isomithir, Lady Dionli appears again in the campaign Legend Of Wesmere (at least 23 years later), in the 8th scenario Council of Hard Choices, as an Elvish Lady.

She asks Kalenz to prepare defenses as best as he can, but not renew offensive war against Orcs. Then, she and the council decide that Kalenz is to be stripped of all military authority.

Lady Dionli should be eliminated by Landar, as the rest of the council.


  • Our beaches are free again. I knew I could trust you, Haldric.
  • It is better to be the greater of three than the lesser of two.


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