Vital statistics
Title Drake Burner
Gender Male
Race Drakes (race)
Faction Drakes (faction)
Campaign Northern Rebirth

Krash is a loyal and resilient Drake Burner. He appears in the campaign Northern Rebirth, in the 5th scenario named The Pursuit (in the corridor named "The Dungeon").

Krash is freed by Tallin, as he is a prisoner of Malifor (like Father Morvin, Sister Thera and Elenia). When he is found, he is in a cage, whimpering. Camerin tells he is a Drake, a very intelligent creature. Even hurted, Krash is ready to burn Skeletons, making smoke coming out of his ears. There is an escape tunnel in the back of his cell, but not big enough for him to go through.

The first time Krash attacks, he is impressive enough for some guy to think maybe he isn't so friendly after all, or at least to some things.

If still alive, Krash is then recalled at the beginning of each following scenario.

But in the 10th senario (Stolen Gold), Krash smells other drakes and leaves on turn 2. He gets back on turn 7, with friends (Singe and Bak'man), and is now able to recruit.

From now on, Krash is an ally, not one of units recalled by Tallin..

On the final battle against Rakshas's fortress, Krash and his drake friends attack by the north.

Once Rakshas is defeated, Krash and his friends go back to their people. Tallin thanks him again of his invaluable help, the entire Northlands being in his debt. Krash doesn't want to talk of debts; he will spread the word among his people and if anyone wishes to join Tallin's Council they will be free to. In addition to gaining the respect of the elves and the dwarves, Tallin has also earned the respect of the drakes. Krash is sure many will come to join Tallin's cause.

Krash adds that if Tallin is ever in desperate need of help, then he can come to them. The gryphons will show him the way.

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