Vital statistics
Title Fire Dragon
Race Monsters
Campaign The Sceptre of Fire, The Eastern Invasion

Khrakrahs is a Fire Dragon. His brother is Shek'kahan.

Khrakrahs lives in nothing but a volcano, raising bats. It seems the magic forge heated by the lava on which the Sceptre of Fire was forged by Thursagan was his.

Khrakrahs appears again in the campaign The Eastern Invasion, ~600 years later. He is now a Skeletal Dragon, "living" in drowned plains. He will be definitely (?) killed by Gweddry, Dacyn and Owaec.


  • I am Khrakrahs, greatest dragon of all time ! Haldric killed Shek'kahan my brother, but he was weaker than me, and you will not find me so easy to defeat. Now get out of my volcano !
  • I do not know, but my guess is the dragon Khrakrahs. He was a powerful beast indeed, in the time of Haldric, living in the Northern Mountains. But he does not sound alive. I know not what happened, but we must surely destroy him. [...] Aha! I see what they have done. They have raised him as an undead dragon. But he does not appear to be weak to my arcane senses... this is strange magic indeed. ~Dacyn~

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