Isle of Alduin

The Isle of Alduin is an inhabited island off the west coast of the Great Continent. The Isle of Alduin is the home of the Great Academy of Magic and a traditional center of magecraft [1].

On 21 YW (during The Taming of the Wild), the Great Academy was founded on Alduin [2].

The Isle of Alduin is the Island where Delfador was being trained to be a mage when he is young. Konrad & Delfador are planning to come here to get extra support from Delfador old mage friends and also keep themselve away from the Queen main force of armies who are just behind them not far away.

But once their arrive, found out that the Island itself has been taken over by the Orcs and they fought to regain the control of the Island from the hand of the Orcs and release Delfador old mage friends to continue guard the Island.

Here are some people related to Alduin (mostly Mages) :


We will sail to the Isle of Alduin, my home Konrad, and the home of many magi. ~Delfador~

It seems that the orcs have come even here. Here to the place where I was born, where I was trained. [...] I did not think the orcs would have come here. This island used to be so beautiful. We must recapture it! To arms! ~Delfador~

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