Merfolk Priestess Potrait
Vital statistics
Title Mermaid Priestess
Gender Female
Race Merfolk
Faction Rebels
Campaign Under the Burning Suns

Il-tian is a loyal and quick Mermaid Priestess, in the campaign Under the Burning Suns.

This merfolk is one (with Urruga, Yantili, Nuvassa and We-jial) of whom Esanoo asks Kaleh, Nym and Zhul to free from the humans Darius, Zelgant and Alastra.

If still alive, Il-tian is recalled at the beginning of the level 11 (The Battle for Zocthanol Isle).


  • Thank you for rescuing me. May the Sea God's bounty bless you and protect you. If you have any wounded I can help heal them. The blades of the vile humans are terrible indeed.

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