Elvish Scout Potrait
Vital statistics
Title Elvish Scout
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Rebel
Campaign Legend Of Wesmere

Huraldur is a quick, loyal and resilient Elvish Scout.

He appears in the campaign Legend Of Wesmere, in the 3rd scenario Ka'lian under Attack. After Kalenz and Landar defeat all enemy leaders, Huraldur arrives and warn them about an attack upon the elvish treasury.

Huraldur then sees the remains of the elvish garrison (Cleodil, Arkildur, Tameril-Isimeril, and Laril) has been taken prisoner by Shurm's saurians.

When the elvish gold is recovered, and if he's still alive, Huraldur is the gold carrier.


  • The elvish treasury is under attack ! They need help desperately !
  • Hurry ! We were near overwhelmed as I left.

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