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Greetings, young master. I pledge myself to your service.

Vital statistics
Title Horseman
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rebel
Campaign Heir to the Throne

Haldiel is a loyal horseman originally under the command of Sir Kaylan. When Konrad and his armies reach Blackwater Port, Sir Kaylan generously sends him to support Konrad on his course to reclaim his throne, since then Haldiel has become a loyal horseman to Konrad.

If he lives through Blackwater Port, Haldiel appears again in the scenario, Home of the North Elves, where he is one of the six starting loyal units, along with Delfador, Kalenz, Li'sar, Reglok, Delurin, and Niodien.

Haldiel's son is Deoran, the main hero of the campaign The South Guard.