Vital statistics
Title Merman Netcaster
Gender Male
Race Merfolk
Campaign Dead Water

Gwabbo is a veteran of the merfolk fighters and a counselor to Kai Krellis, in the campaign Dead Water. He is a loyal and fearless Merman Netcaster.

If still alive, Gwabbo is always recalled at the beginning of each scenario.

After the end of the campaign, Gwabbo lived to a ripe old age in Jotha. Tales of his heroics were told to merfolk children for generations thereafter. He became an almost legendary figure. Gwabbo and Cylanna were often together, and when Kai Krellis found a wife they presided at his wedding.


  • Kai, please lead us against them yourself, it will hearten the folk. And — if you will permit — you reach the age now where a kai must learn battle skills.
  • Good work Kai, if I may say so.

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