The green isle

The Green Isle

The Green Isle is a large island in Wesnoth. It is home to the Wesfolk and the Islefolk, and where the beginner's campaign The Rise of Wesnoth, takes place.


Wesfolk LandEdit

This is where the Wesfolk live, with their Lich overlords. The boundary between it and the Islefolk land is the hilly area running southwest to northeast. The Wesfolk land is in the northwest. Little is known about what happened to the island after Haldric left.

Notable cities:

  • Jevyan: The capital of the Wesfolk, where Jevyan reigned; presumably where the gates to orcland were opened

Notable land features:

  • None.

Islefolk LandEdit

This is where the Islefolk (Haldric's folk) live. The boundary is the same as that of the Wesfolk; the Islefolk land is to the southeast.

Notable cities:

  • Blackmore
  • Clearwater Port
  • Southbay

Notable land features:

  • None.

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