Francisco Muñoz (fmunoz) was the first contributor to join creator David White. Just days after The Battle for Wesnoth's first public release with White's rudimentary graphics, he sent a set of improved graphics to White. Muñoz became Wesnoth's first lead artist.

Many believe that his graphics allowed the project to gain momentum at an early stage, attracting players, programmers, and contributors who would have been put off by the game's initial primitive look. White himself is among them:

For all my efforts though, and for all the people who say that graphics are of little importance or unimportant, I don't think that Wesnoth would have gotten anywhere if fmunoz hadn't seen it, and drawn some very good graphics for it.

Muñoz also joined White in writing scenarios for what would become Wesnoth's first campaign, Heir to the Throne. White describes their collaboration:

For instance, the entire presence of the undead was his addition... Muff Malal's Peninsula was his... The Princess of Wesnoth was his idea....the whole idea of having an antagonistic princess who later joins you was his. (though I changed her name to be that of my girlfriend at the time. :)

Thus, not only did his contributions have a deep effect on the storyline of Wesnoth's flagship campaign, but through the creation of the undead faction, on the game as a whole.

Like many pioneer contributors, Francisco Muñoz is no longer active. His contributions ended during Wesnoth 0.9. However, his legacy is still felt today. He ensured that Wesnoth would not languish as another one-man open source project, and set Wesnoth on the path to having some of the strongest art assets of any open source game.

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