The Flaming Sword is a magical sword that can be found in the campaign Heir to the Throne, in the scenario Snow Plains. It is under the big tree. Due to a previous choice for the path, it cannot be combined with the Void Armor.

This massive blade was created centuries ago by long-forgotten elvish forgemasters, who imbued the bluish steel with an inner magical fire. Tongues of flame dance on the surface, giving the metal a flawless mirrored finish.

Only the leader of an army can wield this sword.

These are its effects :

  • Add a new 15-4 fire attack (melee).
  • Prevent attacks with blades (melee).


As you place your hand around the glittering leather hilt, the sword roars to life! Strangely, you feel no heat once you pick it up, yet the grass at your feet bursts into flame as you test the heft of this mighty weapon.

"Legends say a great sword of fire was left behind. [...] I believe it belonged to Ila'alion, a mighty Marshal of the Wood. It was enchanted as a boon to him by your elvish friends in the south. He was visiting their home as an envoy from us North Elves and was called upon to vanquish some beast or other. [...] It must have been an infestation. Regardless, after returning to his own people, the sword was nothing but an invitation to disaster. His fellow marshals... well, one could say they were slow to come to Ila'alion's aid as he held this very plain against an orcish incursion. They resented his arrogance as the bearer of the sword, and indignation is a powerful force amongst my people at times. The sword has been lost in orcish territory ever since." ~Kalenz~

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