The Flaming Sword is a magical sword that can be found in the campaign Dead Water, in the scenario 10, The Flaming Sword. It is the property of the lich Agnovon.


- About 200 years ago, a powerful mermaid named Imirna fell in love with a human wizard named Agnovon. Agnovon cared not for love, but he smiled falsely at Imirna, and she trusted him. When he asked her to help him enchant a sword so that it was wreathed continuously in magic flame, she devoted all her skill to fashioning the weapon. Later, Agnovon used that very sword to defeat Imirna's own people and steal their wealth. In her grief, Imirna poisoned herself. [...] South of the Swamp of Desolation, near a ruined castle, lives a mage named Caladon. He has lusted after the sword for years, so he will know where to find the lich who keeps it. ~~Tyegëa~~

- I’ll carry this sword and destroy undead with blasts of flame.

These are its effects :

  • Add a new 8-4 fire attack (melee).

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