Father Morvin
Father Morvin
Vital statistics
Title White Mage
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rebel
Campaign Northern Rebirth

Father Morvin is a wise experienced White Mage missionary who - until recently has been a prisoner to an Ancient Lich. He has traveled a lot, knows many people and has much experience on different lands.


Father Morvin is Sister Thera's husband. They were advisers and healers for the Dwarvish nobles. They could not shield them from the wrath of Khazg Black-Tusk, but they survived the orcs and trolls — only to be captured by Malifor's skeletons.

Malifor wanted to study them to see if there was a way to counteract their arcane attacks. Tallin freed them, so they join him.

Before Father Morvin was captured by Malifor, he used to be in contact with a powerful magician called Ro'Arthian and his brother Ro'Sothian. Father Morvin suggested to go to Highbrook Pass and see how matters stand for Tallin's team. They finally persuaded Ro'Arthian, Ro'Sothian, and even the dwarf Stalrag to help them.

Father Morvin and Sister Thera can't die. Instead they teleport next to the other, with no hitpoints and no experience. They seem to be the only ones who can kill Malifor. They also let Abhai get out of his body and finally rest in peace.

Father Morvin and Sister Thera will marry Tallin and Eryssa.

Last but not least, the Council of Warders is Father Morvin's idea.


As I have said, Tallin, I am eternally in your debt, and I take my debts seriously. If you have no objection, I will serve you until one of us departs this life.

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