Vital statistics
Title Merman Netcaster
Race Merfolk
Campaign Under the Burning Suns

Esanoo is a loyal and resilient Merman Netcaster. He appears in the campaign Under the Burning Suns, in the 8th scenario named Out of the Frying Pan.

He was in desperate search of water, thinking his scales would fall off. As Kaleh and Nym's people never saw a Merfolk before, Esanoo tells them he comes from the ocean (that they never saw too), and long has he been looking for them. Esanoo is an emissary from one who much desires to speak with Kaleh. Despite the danger, Esanoo's master sent him and his brethren to scour the dry land searching for Kaleh. But the other merfolks have been captured by the humans. Esanoo just barely managed to hide and escape, with the help of Nym.

Esanoo's master thought Quenoth Elves might be suspicious. She said that what Esanoo must talk with them about concerns the fate of their people. Apparently it concerns 'Yechnagoth' and 'Zhangor'. She said that Kaleh would understand. Esanoo's instructions were to find Quenoth Elves and to bring them and their people to meet with his master. The problem is that he doesn't know where she is hiding.

Esanoo's people are fighting a desperate war against a powerful foe. Many times their enemy has tried to assassinate his master. His master worried that her presence was a danger to the rest of his kind. So right after she sent us on our mission she went into hiding. Esanoo is the youngest member of his group, and so he wasn't told the location. As spies are everywhere, only the leaders of their group knew, but the rest of them were all captured by humans. They are being held in the settlement to the north. If they are to have any chance of finding his master, they must first rescue them. And they will.

Esanoo's master wanted to make sure that if one of them was captured, they couldn't betray her location. So she didn't tell them where she was, but she taught them a simple spell to divine her hiding place. But it requires three merfolks to cast. So in order to find her, they must rescue at least two of his people. Though he hopes they can save all of them.

They originally numbered much more, but they were ambushed by a band of naga on the way here. Half of their force held off the naga while the rest of them fled. By the time they got to these shores, only six of them were left. But Esanoo managed to hide when the rest of his group was ambushed and captured. Esanoo doubt that they have been broken yet, but he does not know how long they can last.

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