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An Elvish Ranger is a level 2 elvish unit. It advances to an Elvish Avenger. It gains a skill called Ambush when the unit steps into any forest terrain.


Though a man might spend years in a forest, he will never shake the feeling that he is a guest in a realm of which he is not truly a part. With elves, this is quite reversed. Any elf that studies the lore of the woods rapidly becomes a master of them. This, combined with a considerable skill at archery and swordsmanship, is very useful in warfare.

Special Notes: In woodlands, this unit's ambush skill renders it invisible to enemies unless it is immediately adjacent or has revealed itself by attacking.


HP Moves Cost Alignment Required XP
42 6 41 Neutral 90


Name Type Strikes Range Special
sword blade 7-3 melee -
bow pierce 7-4 ranged -


Attack Type Resistance
Arcane -10%
Blade 0%
Cold 0%
Fire 0%
Impact 0%
Pierce 0%

Terrain ModifierEdit

Terrain Defense Movement Cost
Frozen 30% 2
Castle 60% 1
Sand 40% 2
Flat 40% 1
Hills 50% 2
Mountains 60% 2
Unwalkable 0% -
Swamp 40% 2
Cave 30% 3
Village 60% 1
Deep Water 0% -
Shallow Water 30% 2
Coastal Reef 30% 2
Impassable 0% -
Forest 70% 1
Mushroom Grove 50% 2

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