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Elvish Marshal is a level 3 elvish unit. It is an advancement of Elvish Fighter and Elvish Captain. Elvish Marshal has lower hitpoints, movements, and weaker attacks compared to Elvish Champion, but has a Leadership ability that gives adjacent allied units 25% more damage and it multiplies by the difference of level between the two units.

Description Edit

The longevity and natural intelligence of elves make them apt for military matters, enough even to counter their general distaste for war. Elves remember things much more clearly than humankind, and can often intuit what others can only be trained to do. Certainly, on those rare occasions when an elf sets his mind to war, the strategy that results is often the work of a master.

Special Notes: The leadership of this unit enables adjacent units of the same side to deal more damage in combat, though this only applies to units of lower level.

Attacks Edit

Name Type Strikes Range Special
Elvish sword sword blade 10-4 melee
Elvish bow bow blade 8-3 ranged

Resistances Edit

Attack Type Resistance
Arcane -10%
Blade 0%
Cold 0%
Fire 0%
Impact 0%
Pierce 0%

Terrain Modifiers Edit

Terrain Defense Movement Cost
Frozenterrainicon Frozen 30% 2
Castleterrainicon Castle 60% 1
Sandterrainicon Sand 30% 2
Forestterrainicon Forest 60% 1
Flatterrainicon Flat 40% 1
Hillsterrainicon Hills 50% 2
Mountainsterrainicon Mountains 60% 3
Unwalkableterrainicon Unwalkable 0% -
Swampterrainicon Swamp 30% 2
Caveterrainicon Cave 30% 3
Villageterrainicon Village 60% 1
Deepwaterterrainicon Deep Water 0% -
Shallowwaterterrainicon Shallow Water 20% 3
Coastalreefterrainicon Coastal Reef 30% 2
Mushroomgroveterrainicon Mushroom Grove 50% 2

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