Vital statistics
Title Elvish Marshal, Elvish Hero
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Rebel
Campaign The Rise Of Wesnoth, Legend Of Wesmere

El'Isomithir appears in the campaign The Rise Of Wesnoth, from the scenario Elf Lords (The Ka'lian).

El'Isomithir is one of the four Elvish Lords (with Lady Dionli, Aryad, and Lord Logalmier) Prince Haldric asks for help and land. El'Isomithir decrees that Prince Haldric should put souls to rest on the Isle of Tears.

Like Lady Dionli, El'Isomithir appears again in the campaign Legend Of Wesmere, in the 8th scenario Council of Hard Choices, as an Elvish Hero.

He asks Kalenz not to ask humans for help in the war against orcs, because of King Haldric I's arrogance. Then, he and the council decide that Kalenz is to be stripped of all military authority.

El'Isomithir should be eliminated by Landar, as the rest of the council.


  • So you come to steal our land ? We know your kind, humans of the westnorth.
  • Long ago a clan of elves on the Isle of Tears fell under the sway of a dark curse. Their souls still haunt that place and no elf will go there. You should clear this isle, and put their souls to rest.
  • Finally the souls of our poor kin may rest. Thank you.

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