Delfador's Memoirs


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The story of Delfador's training.



This Valley Belongs to Me

Road to Weldyn


Council in Weldyn

Swamps of Illuven

Night in the Swamp

Ur Thorodor

Houses of the Dead

The Gate Between Worlds


Terror at the Ford of Parthyn

The Return of Trouble


Save the King

Dark Sky Over Weldyn

A New Ally

The Portal of Doom

Showdown in the Northern Swamp

Prince of Wesnoth

Clash at the Manor

Face of the Enemy



Events marked with an asterisk are on the main timeline there and included for reference (all such events from 417 to 496 are included). Double-asterisked events are both on the timeline and cannot safely be shifted because they have ties to other campaigns or black-letter chronology.

417 YW: * Garard I becomes King of Wesnoth

440 YW: * Crown Prince Garard II is born

442 YW: * Delfador, later called "the Great", is born.

450 YW: * Prince Arand is born.

458 YW: Delfador enters the Great Academy.

468 YW: Delfador graduates (Overture) In the Northlands, Zorlan is emerging as a Great Chief.

470 YW: * Orcs under Great Chief Zorlan and undead raised by the necromancer Iliah-Malal raid Wesnoth's borders. All but the first and last scenarios of Delfador's Memoirs take place in this year.

  • Control of the Estmarks is effectively lost during this war, not to

be regained for decades. Outposts are built on the near side of the Weldyn to repel orc raids. The long watch of the River Guard begins.

473 YW: * Garard I dies.

  • Garard II rises to the throne of Wesnoth.

478 YW: * Garard II marries Asheviere

  • Garard issues the Edict of the Scepter, providing that the

crown shall settle after his death on whichever member of the royal family successfully retrieves it from the Caverns of Flame.

480 YW: * Crown Prince Eldred is born.

483 YW: * Erain and Ethyn, identical twins and brothers of Eldred, are born.

496 YW: Eldred leads an attempted seizure of Elvish territory (Prince of Wesnoth).

498 YW: ** Princess Li'sar is born.

500 YW ** Prince Konrad is born, the youngest of several sons of Prince Arand.

    • Wesnoth and the orcs of the north go to war.

501 YW ** Prince Eldred kills Garard II at Abez and is in turn killed by Delfador. Usurpation of Asheviere begins.