Vital statistics
Title White Mage
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction Loyalists
Campaign The Eastern Invasion

Dacyn is one of the greatest White Mages.


Dacyn was born in 533 YW [1].

In 589 YW, Dacyn the loyal White Mage and Ravanal, an eastern wizard, compete to be the king's advisor. The seer Galdren dies after advising Haldric VII to choose Dacyn. The king does as Galdren advises. [2]

After Haldric VII dies, in 612 YW, Dacyn continues his duties as advisor with Konrad II [3].

In 625 YW, Konrad II sends Dacyn with Owaec and Gweddry to man the old River Guard strongpoints. Next year, Mal-Ravanal attacks the middle outpost where Gweddry and Dacyn are stationed. Dacyn and Gweddry travel to the northern outpost, and, with Owaec, retreat into the northlands.

Their army eventually kill Mal-Ravanal in 627 YW.

Dacyn and Mal-Ravanal are linked, as Dacyn tells.


Arcane attacks are very powerful against undead. ~Great Sage Dacyn, 626 YW~


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