Vital statistics
Title Mermaid Priestess
Gender Female
Race Merfolk
Campaign Dead Water

Cylanna is a loyal and resilient Mermaid Priestess and a counselor to Kai Krellis. She speaks a high language. She cannot abide slavery.

Kai Krellis felt too young for the responsibilities of a kingdom, so he relied on the wisdom of a priestess named Cylanna. She had been a friend of his father, and he had known her as long as he could remember. Cylanna mourned the former kai, but believed that his sacrifice would allow Krellis to preside over an age of peace.

Her old instructor was Tyegëa, and she knew Tyegëa is Kai Krellis's grandmother.

Cylanna never traveled far again, but stayed in Jotha as a respected elder. She remained a royal advisor, but her main work was healing the sick, and presiding at christenings and weddings. All this agreed with her disposition much better than battling undead. Gwabbo and Cylanna were often together, and when Kai Krellis found a wife (which is a tale for another time!) they presided at his wedding.

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