Vital statistics
Title Elvish Druid
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Rebels
Campaign Legend Of Wesmere

Cleodil is a Level 2, Elvish Druid, in the campaign Legend Of Wesmere. Cleodil appears in the 4th scenario The Elvish Treasury (chapter 2), where she is freed from Saurians by Kalenz. Cleodil will then follow Kalenz[1].

Cleodil was lately the Guardian of the Book of Crelanu. Cleodil then warns Haldric II that the Ruby of Fire can have evil effects on its wielders ; she advises him to enclose it in a net or filigree of pure gold charged with the magic of light.[2]

Cleodil retired with Kalenz in 24 YW to their home in the Forest of Lintanir. She married him. She dies in 251 YW.[3]

She is Chantal's grandmother.

Through the special bond between Kalenz and Cleodil, she elates him to fight better : adjacent to Cleodil, Kalenz will do 25% more damage in battle.

If a shyde has developed a special bond to a person, her healing abilities increase for him. This allows Cleodil to give Kalenz 4 extra points of healing at the beginning of your turn.


"We are free! My lord Kalenz, from this day forward I and my men are your sworn followers." ~Cleodil~

After the council’s decision, Kalenz and Cleodil retired in the North. Free of the pressure of war, they took delight in each other. The heart-bond they had formed amidst peril and death grew closer, and all but vanquished the remnant evil Crelanu’s philter had left in Kalenz. The two began to think of having children. But their peace was not to last. In the outer world, the blood tides were rising. And in the heart of Landar, who had once been their friend, evil was not vanquished, but festered and grew ...

During their years in seclusion the fame of their deeds had only grown. Many healers and sorceresses responded to Cleodil's call.

Cleodil bore Kalenz children who were tall, and beautiful, and inherited in full measure both their mother’s healing gifts and their father’s talented and searching mind. In the fullness of time, after a long life full of accomplishment and love and laughter, Cleodil died after the manner of Elves, aging swiftly to a peaceful end.


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