Vital statistics
Title Elvish Sharpshooter
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Rebel
Campaign The Rise Of Wesnoth

Aryad appears in the campaign The Rise Of Wesnoth, from the scenario Elf Lords (The Ka'lian).

Aryad is one of the four Elvish Lords (with Lady Dionli, Lord Logalmier, and El'Isomithir) Prince Haldric asks for help and land. Aryad decrees that Prince Haldric should deal with a problem with Trolls.


  • We are having a problem with a troll-hole in the Brown Hills. While I find the thought of those dwarves stumbling on the trolls vaguely amusing, this should make an adequate quest for you.
  • We may have decided wrongly. If the humans drive the orcs off we should honor our pledge. If more trouble follows them here we should let them fight it out, then we should 'deal' with the survivors, and make a compromise with the Dwarves.

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