A beginner's campaign in which you must fight off the first orcs to invade the Great Continent.

Campaign InformationEdit

Level Novice
Number of Scenarios 7

Fighter (Beginner)

Lord (Normal)

High Lord (Challenging)







Prologue ScriptEdit

"The arrival of humans and orcs caused turmoils among the nations of the Great Continent. Elves, previously in uneasy balance with dwarves and others, had for centuries fought nothing more than an occassional skirmish. They were to find themselves facing conflicts of a long-forgotten intensity.

Their first encounter with the newcomers went less than well than either side might have wished.

But humans, though crude and brash, at least had in them a creative spark which elves could recognize as akin to their own nature. Orcs seemed completely alien.

For some years after Haldric's people landed, orcs remained scarce more than a rumor to trouble the green fastnesses of the elves. That remained so until the day that an elvish noble of ancient line, Erlornas by name, faced an enemy unlike any he had ever met before.

The orcs were first sighted from the north marches of the great forest of Wesmere."

Scenario OverviewEdit

Defend the ForestEdit


At the beginning:
Lomarfel: My lord! A party of aliens has made camp to the north and lays waste to the forest. Our scouts believe its a band of orcs.
Erlornas: Orcs? It seems unlikely. The human king, Haldric, crushed them when they landed on these shores, and since then they've been no more than a bogey mothers use to scare the children.
Lomarfel: So it seemed, my lord. Yet there is a band of them in the north cutting down healthy trees by the dozen, and making great fires by the wood.



Valley of TrollsEdit

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