Vital statistics
Title Peasant, Longbowman
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Loyalists
Campaign The South Guard

Aleron appears in the campaign The South Guard, in the 1st scenario named Born To The Banner. But he has to be found : he hides in a house in (x,y=15,12).

Aleron is a loyal and quick longbowman (on EASY) or a loyal and strong peasant (on NORMAL). He is replaced by Glasar on HARD.

The villagers hid him from the bandits when the town was overrun. They have kept him safe, though he was gravely wounded. Sir Gerrick is glad to find him alive, as he feared the worst when he did not return after the battle.


  • Let us punish these bandits for their crimes and murders ! My wounds are healed and I am ready for battle !

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