Vital statistics
Title Dragoon
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction Loyalists
Campaign The Sceptre of Fire

Alanin is a loyal and resilient dragoon. He appears in the campaign The Sceptre of Fire, since the 1st scenario. Alanin is essential in this campaign : if he dies anytime, you lose.

Alanin was asked by his King Haldric II to stay with Rugnur's Dwarves as they make the Sceptre of Fire and make sure they are going to get it done on time.

Later, while Rugnur and Baglur fought Glindur's elves, Alanin went warn the council.

After fighting orcs for months, Alanin reached Thursagan with Rugnur and Baglur, finding Krawg on their way.

10 years after the beginning, they were attacked by the elves Gaenlar, Glinan and Kalnar, and Alanin had to move to the southern border east of the river. He went south, back to the Wesnoth border - followed by elves. Alanin escaped them with help from peasants.

Alanin traveled south, to Wesnoth, to Haldric II. To report the events of the past fifteen years.


  • Here's the stone, for you dwarves ! Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be taking refuge in this castle here ... I don't much like fighting.
  • Fine, you all go to the eastern mines. Me, I'll stay here. No point going where I can't help !

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