Vital statistics
Title Wraith
Gender Male
Race Undead
Faction Rebels
Campaign Northern Rebirth

Abhai can be found in the campaign Northern Rebirth, in the 5th scenario The Pursuit, in the flooded path (x;y=29;29).


Abhai is an intelligent and loyal ghost of a former Lord drawn into half-life by Malifor. He was the ruler of the great kingdom of Garet-Desh.

Abhai grew old and died as all men do and entered the land of the dead. He doesn't know how long he dwelt there, he was wrenched from his peace and forced into this ectoplasmic body by Malifor's terrible power. Malifor tried to break Abhai's spirit into mindless slavery, but he resisted his power and fled. Abhai have been hiding in these flooded tunnels ever since. Some monster that Malifor's minions greatly fear lives in these waters; they do not molest Abhai here.

Abhai joins Tallin to defeat Malifor, hoping after he is destroyed Abhai and his kind can be dead peacefully. That eventually happen, thanks to Father Morvin and Sister Thera.

Abhai is so old that time zone is different for him. He first thinks Tallin must have been sent by the High Kalian of Hiera'Shirsha. He is the one who know the most about the Rod Of Justice, though he cannot wield it. [1]


  1. Rod Of Justice#Quotes

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